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 +====== Say Hello with EEROS ======
 +===== Preparation =====
 +We suggest to use [[https://​​]]. Get the program with
 +$ apt-get install kdevelop
 +===== Create a New Project =====
 +  - Start KDevelop
 +  - Create a new C++ project:
 +     - Project -> New from Template...
 +     - Choose Standard/​Terminal as project type and type a project name (e.g. test-project). {{ :​getting_started:​tutorials:​test-app-create-project.png?​600 |}}
 +     - Create the project by clicking Finish
 +     - Create the build configuration. It is recommended to put the target architecture in the name of the build folder. Put the location where EEROS is installed in the "​Installation Prefix"​ field. Important: make sure that this is the location where you have installed EEROS (see [[getting_started:​compile_eeros|]]). If EEROS is installed globally leave this field blank (not recommended). {{ :​getting_started:​tutorials:​test-app-builddir.png?​600 |}}
 +===== Test Program =====
 +  - Copy the following code into "​main.cpp"​ <code cpp>
 +#include <​iostream>​
 +#include <​eeros/​logger/​Logger.hpp>​
 +#include <​eeros/​logger/​StreamLogWriter.hpp>​
 +int main() {
 +  using namespace eeros::​logger;​
 +  StreamLogWriter w(std::​cout);​
 +  Logger log;
 +  log.set(w);
 + << "​Hello,​ EEROS";​
 +  return 0;
 +  - Open CMakeLists.txt file, delete the text written on it and copy/paste the following into it: <code cpp>
 +cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)
 +find_package(EEROS REQUIRED)
 +set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "​${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -std=c++11"​)
 +add_executable(test-project main.cpp)
 +target_link_libraries(test-project eeros ucl ${CMAKE_DL_LIBS})
 +</​code>​ (Note 1: "​test-project"​ is the name of the dummy-project created for the example. Put your project name where "​test-project"​ is. Note 2: This file is in the project folder. e.g. /​home/​abajric/​work/​test-project) ​
 +  - Build the project by clicking on the "​Build"​ button up, on the left. 
 +===== Run the Hello World Program =====
 +  - Open a terminal
 +  - Navigate to the build folder of your project (e.g. cd /​home/​abajric/​work/​build-test-project-x86-64)
 +  - Run the program with the command: ./​testproject
 +{{ :​getting_started:​tutorials:​hello.png?​800 |}}
 +===== Use KDevelop with Existing Build Configuration =====
 +If you have previously built your application manually or with the aid of the EEROS build scripts ([[https://​​eeros-project/​eeros-build-scripts]]),​ you can import the configuration into KDevelop as follows:
 +  - Import the project by choosing the ''​CMakeLists.txt''​ of your project.
 +  - Right click on the project and open the project configuration panel.
 +  - Choose the build directory of the previously built application as your build directory
 +  - Leave the entries for install directory, build type, and extra arguments empty. These settings will be fetched from the existing CMake configuration in your build directory.
 +  - Click ''​Ok''​
 +  - Build
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