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Control System with One Time Domain

In the EEROS library you will find a directory with examples. Open a shell in the build directory of your EEROS library and run examples/controlsystem/PeriodicExample1. This examples does:

  • Creates a main task ss with an execution period of five milliseconds. The task itself is defined of type Lambda with a run method given by an empty lambda function.
  • Creates a time domain t1 with a period of five milliseconds.

Both harmonic tasks have a periodic counter which measure its periods and run times. Once every 1000th run the results are logged. The results are printed in units of seconds. Additionally both harmonics have a default monitor function added. This monitor function logs a warning if the measured period differs more than 5%. Depending on your hardware platform and realtime support of your operating system you might get no warnings, several or many warnings.

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