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Using the HAL with the Simulator

In the EEROS library you will find a directory with examples. Open a shell in the build directory of your EEROS library and run examples/hal/halTest1. The system uses inputs and output. For this reason you will need to install a simple simulator, see simulator. The following command will run the example

$ ./halTest1 -c HalTest1Config.json

This examples creates a small control system with a couple of peripheral input and output blocks as shown below.

Control system of the test program

The dashed lines denote the feedback of the signals by the simulator.
The main sequence alters the values on digital and analog outputs periodically. A separate periodic task logs the digital and analog inputs.

  • The state on the digital output 0 is reflected by the simultor to the digital input 0. The control system connects this input to the digital output 1, which in turn is reflected by the simulator to digital input 1. However, the second reflection is inverted and we get the logical inversion of digital output 0. The value of digital input 0 changes every 5 seconds.
  • A constant value is output to analog output 0 and 2. These values change every 10 seconds. Both are reflected onto analog inputs 0 and 2, respectively.
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