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 +====== Extending the Simulator ======
 +How to add a new device type to sim-eeros?
 +  - create class derived from SimBehaviour.hpp
 +  - implement member functions according to your needs
 +    * constructor:​ create your simulation channels
 +    * run() : implement your desired simulation function -> will be called from SimDevice::​run()
 +    * getInChannel():​ return shared_ptr to input channel of your device
 +    * getOutChannel():​ return shared_ptr to output channel of your device
 +  - add newly created device type as member object to SimDevice.hpp (for example see sim::​Reflect reflectDigOut)
 +  - call run() of your newly added channels in SimDevice::​run():​ only with this your device run() is executed
 +  - add identifier string to available simFeatures in SimDevice.hpp
 +  - add entries to SubDeviceNumber-Enum in SimDevice.hpp with your desired subdevice number for your sim-device
 +  - add getInChannel() and getOutChannel() of your device type to getLogicChannel() or getRealChannel() in SimDevice.cpp accordingly
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