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Vectors and Matrices

The blocks in the control system are connected among each other with the aid of signals. As described in Signals they carry a timestamp and a value. The value could be a simple type such as an integer or float. Quite often it will consist of a vector or a matrix. A three dimensional vector of type double can be declared and initialized as follows:

  Vector<3, double> v; 
  v << 1.5, -2, 0;

The declaration could be simplified to

  Vector3<> v; 
  v << 1.5, -2, 0;

as Vector3 is a predefined type with three dimensions and the default element type is double. A matrix of 3 times 3 with element type int could be defined as

  Matrix<3, 3, int> m; 
  m << 1, 4, 7,
       2, 5, 8,
       3, 6, 9;

Accessing Elements

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