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Hardware Libraries

The eeros framework uses various hardware libraries to access the underlying hardware. Currently we support the libraries listed below. If you need further hardware not listed below go to Create new Wrapper Library. It is important to notice that for each of the specific hardware libraries you need a wrapper library for eeros.

Every hardware library needs its specific eeros wrapper library


comedi stands for linux control and measurement device interface. It is a collection of drivers for a variety of common data acquisition plug-in boards. The wrapper library can be found in

flink stands for fast link. It is a efficient and standardized way to communicate with hardware functions implemented in a FPGA. The wrapper library can be found in

Beaglebone Blue

The Beaglebone Blue is a small robotics computer. It allows to directly connect several small motors. The wrapper library can be found in Therein, you can find a complete example of hardware configuration file using all the available pins, see


ROS is a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions to write robot control software. The wrapper library can be found in



EtherCAT is a real-time capable fieldbus. The complete EtherCAT documentation (including library to interface with with EEROS) can be found on OST Infoportal.


CANopen a fieldbus. The library and its documentation can be found on

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