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Use on a Beaglebone Blue Board

The following is a step-by-step procedure to get started using EEROS on the BeagleBone Blue board. It describes how to set up the cross development tool chain. The application is developed on a Linux host machine and can then be deployed to the board.

On the host, you have to install the cross development SDK, see Linux on Beaglebone blue. Also make sure to have the newest image from our download section Linux Images installed on the target.

Fetch the EEROS scripts on your cross development system with

$ git clone eeros-project
$ cd eeros-project

Edit the file as follows


The entry use_cross_compilation_environment ensures that you compile using an SDK built for the target platform. This SDK already contains the librobotcontrol. Make sure to install the SDK by

Edit the file as follows


This will guide your make script to use the SDK. Make sure that the above path matches your installation path.

Setting the entry use_custom_application to true will fetch an existing application from a git repository. Per default this will will be However, you could choose another repository in Or you could set the entry to false if you want to develop your own application.

Now you can run the clone script

$ ./

After this you can continue with Compile.

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