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Preparations and Building EEROS with ROS Support

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ROS1 or ROS2 needs to be installed on the developer machine as well as on the target machine. Before a ROS application can be started, you need to run the setup.bash script of ROS. This can be done with

source /path_to_ros_installation/setup.bash

The same applies for building the EEROS library with ROS support and for building an EEROS application with ROS support. Our EEROS build scripts already include the setup.bash.

IMPORTANT If an integrated development environment such as kdevelop or Qt Creator is used, the IDE has to be started from a terminal after the setup.bash script has run.

Building the EEROS library with ROS

If you build the library with cmake, make sure you use the -DUSE_ROS=TRUE (for ROS1) or the -DUSE_ROS2=TRUE (for ROS2) switch. An example of a cmake call could look like this:

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=“$install_dir” -DUSE_ROS2=TRUE ..

Our build scripts already include this switch.

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