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Single Stepping of Sequences

During the development process it can be useful to be able to run sequences in single stepping mode. For this purpose you can remote connect to the machine running the EEROS application and run sequences in single stepping mode. As soon as the sequencer is created (see Sequencer) a server is started onto which a client can connect through a TCP/IP connection.

EEROS Application

Define and use a sequencer with

  auto& sequencer = Sequencer::instance();               // get instance

After successful compilation start the application

Single Stepping

On the machine where you wish to control your application sequences you have to install EEROS. Next, navigate to the directory tools/sequencer in your build directory of the EEROS library. Run sequencerUI to remotely connect to the machine running your EEROS application and pass its ip-address as a parameter.

$ ./sequencerUI -i ""
$ ./sequencerUI -i "localhost"  // if the EEROS application runs on the same machine

After starting you will be prompted for your input.

$ Enter 's' for single step, 'c' for continue, 'b' for break:

Entering the character 'b' will turn single stepping on and stop the execution of steps. 's' will execute the next step. 'c' will turn single stepping off.
If you want your EEROS application to switch to single stepping mode upon startup you can do so with

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