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Control System

The control system is constructed using three main parts: blocks, signals, and time domains. Blocks represent something that will alter a signal, or produce a new signal based on the input it receives. Signals are the raw information that flow within the system, passing between blocks through the hierarchical flow. This flow is predetermined by the connections between blocks constructed beforehand.

Blocks, signals and time domains are the building blocks of the control system

The robot controller, defined in EEROS as the control system, is the real-time core of the application. In order to guarantee the modular and exchangeable nature of the software system, it is built from predefined blocks, which can alter the signals flowing through the blocks. Nesting and ordering of these blocks creates very clear hierarchical structures. Blocks can be assigned to real- or non-real-time domains. Additionally, all signals in EEROS have a standard set of information, which increases the semantics of this information.

For more information about individual parts of the control system, check out these pages:

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