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Deploy to Beaglebone Blue Board


Fetch the EEROS scripts in your project root directory on your host and checkout the branch for the Beaglebone Blue board

$ git clone
$ cd eeros-build-scripts
$ git checkout sdk_bbb

The file contains entries for the destination of deploying.



Next, edit deploy.txt on the host in your project directory and enter the application program you want to transfer together with the necessary hardware configuration file, e.g.


If you wrote your own Say Hello with EEROS the file would look like


Finally, load them onto the target with

$ ./

Running your Application

ssh into the board with

$ ssh ost@

For credentials see Beaglebone Blue.

Change into your target application folder and run the example

$ cd bin
$ ./helloworld
$ sudo ./simpleMotorControl -c HwConfigBBBlue.json

Running your Application which is a ROS Node

Be sure to setup your network settings according to Network Setup. Set the environment variable ROS_MASTER_URI in your shell with


Add the following line to your /etc/hosts file (under Ubuntu)  bblue

Run your application with

$ sudo -E ./application

Running the Built-in Examples of EEROS

Running the built-in examples of EEROS as given in the tutorial pages in Tutorials is quite simple, e.g.

$ sudo /usr/examples/rtTest/rtTest
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