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Deploy Manually

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If you work on the host, there is no need to deploy anything.

If you develop EEROS itself or one of its hardware wrapper libraries another target platform, the target image does not yet include these libraries or it may has an older version which you may want to replace. How to proceed?

Next, edit deploy.txt in your project directory and enter all the programs and libraries you have to transfer.



If you did not include the application you have to alter the last two lines and set the entries according to your needs.

Finally, load them onto the target with

$ ./

The system must find the eeros and hardware wrapper libraries to dynamically load them. The following symbolic links must be created once. The example is given for a Beaglebone Blue board.

ost@bblue:$ cd /usr/lib/
ost@bblue:$ sudo ln -s /opt/eeros/lib/
ost@bblue:$ sudo ln -s
ost@bblue:$ sudo ln -s /opt/eeros/lib/
ost@bblue:$ sudo ln -s

IMPORTANT Make sure the version information (….so. is not outdated! If you use newer versions of the libraries as given in deploy.txt you must adapt the links accordingly.

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