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Use on a Beaglebone Blue Board

The following is a step-by-step procedure to get started using EEROS on the BeagleBone Blue board. It describes how to use our SDK for the Beaglebone blue. The application is developed on a Linux host machine and can then be deployed to the board.

Install Linux Image on Beaglebone Blue

This section describes how to get the newest Linux image installed on your BeagleBone Blue board. This image already contains the EEROS library together with examples. Further is includes necessary hardware libraries, notably the librobotcontrol as well as basic functionalities of ROS.

  1. Get the newest Beaglebone Blue image from by selecting the newest bblue folder.
  2. Download ost-image-bblue.wic.gz.
  3. Decompress it with
    gunzip ost-image-bblue.wic.gz
  4. Create a bootable micro-sd card. The given instructions are for an USB stick, but the process is the same.

Install SDK on the Host

In order to develop your application on the host, you have to install the cross development SDK.

  1. Get the newest cross development SDK for the Beaglebone Blue from by selecting the newest bblue folder.
  2. Download
  3. Execute the unpacked script with
    $ ./

    Stick with the default target directory for the SDK. If you choose a different directory you have to manually change the associated entry in

Install Git

Install the following package on your machine

$ apt-get install git

Continue with Writing EEROS Applications for Beaglebone Blue Board.

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