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Experimental Setup with a cb20 Board

Use our cb20 Board. A maxon motor controller on a db11 Board delivers the necessary power. Connect all the necessary signals according to the table in db11 Board.

Analog Output and Enable

You can test the analog output together with the motor controller by applying a positive set voltage. Further, you have to enable the motor. The necessary flink test programs will be automatically transfered when deploying the application as described in Deploy to cb20 Board.

$ sudo ./flinkdio -s5 -c0 -wh
$ sudo ./flinkanalogoutput -s2 -c0 -o34000

Encoder Inputs

Check if the encoder is properly connected with:

$ sudo ./flinkcounter -s1 -c0 -n20 

Turning the motor in positive direction must lead to the encoder counting upwards. If not, change the A and B signal.

Ready Signal

The ready signal signals to the controller that the motor controller has powered up. .

Emergency Signal

The emergency signal is used to bring the application in a safe mode. We connect this input signal (channel 0 on connector P12 to an external push button. As soon as a logic one is detected on this digital input the safety system is caused to switch to an emergency state.

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