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CAN Receive Faulhaber

This block receives PDO packets over a CAN bus from a Faulhaber drive. The drive itself must be initialized by SDO transfers up to the point where PDO transfer is possible. The drive will send two TPDO upon receiving a sync packet, which must be sent by a CAN Send Faulhaber block. Each time the block is run by its time domain, a TPDO1 (carrying the status word and actual velocity) and a TPDO2 (actual position and warnings) is received. The block has 4 output signals: status, vel, pos, warnings.
The velocity and position outputs are given in SI units, e.g. rad/s and rad. To account for encoder resolution of the actual drive together with a gearbox, it is possible to set a scaling factor with


This blocks uses the canopenlib. The connection to the CAN bus must be first established through a CAN Handle block.

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